Is Retail Facing a Digital Talent Hiring Problem?

Is digital talent hiring becoming a problem for the retail and fashion industries?


Digital Talent Hiring

According to search firm 24 Seven Inc., one in four digital jobs in the fashion and retail industry have been left unfilled for five years or more, reflecting the challenges of recruiting, retaining and hiring digital talent.

“It’s a very disruptive time in the industry, and the competition for digital talent isn’t just between retailers and fashion companies,” Celeste Gudas, president of 24 Seven, told Women’s Wear Daily.

“It’s with Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, pockets in other cities, Google and eBay, just to name a few. It’s not just that the competition is fierce, but in today’s market, everything is transparent. Retail and fashion companies really need to get a hold of talent management.”

Ms. Gudas’ comments came as 24 Seven’s 2013 Salary and Job Market Report found that 89 percent of digital talent say they’re open to making a career move within the next year. Salary tops the list of reasons to move with 72 percent of digital talent citing higher base salaries among their top reasons to change jobs, followed by better growth potential (51 percent), improved quality of life (34 percent) and better advancement opportunities (33 percent).

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoThe 24 Seven report indicated that one issue is that the retail industry continues to offer traditional benefit packages (i.e., medical, dental, discounted merchandise, life insurance and 401k plans), but life balance benefits dominate the priorities for digital workers. Digital talent’s most desired benefits include: medical (76 percent); summer hours/comp days (33 percent); flex time/telecommuting (26 percent); 401k with match (17 percent); international travel (8 percent).

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Holidays Merry for Retail Hiring in 2012

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The 2012 holiday season was a certainly joyful one for retail workers. Despite continuing economic fears, as well as Superstorm Sandy and the presidential election, hiring soared to the highest level in six years, the Associated Press reports.

Retailers added 728,300 jobs between October 1 and December 31. This was 10.3 percent higher than the same period last year. It was the strongest hiring increase since 2006, when retail employment increased by 746,900.

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For the Holidays, Retailers See More In The Cloud

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Everyone knows this is the best time of year retailers.

For retailers using the cloud for e-commerce, this holiday could be one of the best.

Analysts say e-commerce platforms have now become mandatory, essential software for any retailer, from a business-to-business or business-to-consumer company.

Everyone is beginning to see the power, efficiency and affordability of cloud-based  computing — in retailing, recruiting, hiring and talent management.

This could be the year to make or break companies based on the level they have adopted these new sales and marketing tools. for those organizations that have embraced cloud technology, it could be a turning point–for those that lagged behind, some heads may certainly roll.

That is what makes the 2012 holiday season so exciting; each day that passes, the tension builds even more.

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SMB Hiring: A Gameplan for Growth [Infographic]

Small Business GameplanFollowing the lead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday—two of the busiest shopping days of the holiday season—comes “Small Business Saturday.”

The day after Black Friday is now reserved for those who shun the big box retailers, preferring use local merchants to complete their Christmas lists. This new shopping milestone is designed to promote the range of smaller businesses, which tend to be forgotten during the post-Thanksgiving shopping rush.

In a survey by Paychex, a preponderance of small businesses expects either a stable or moderately increased hiring level for the end of 2012. Technology is also taking a larger role, where the trend is towards more SMBs adapting mobile and social media in the next year.

Coupled with the rise in talent management software—including cloud-based services geared towards the SMB market—the presentation of Small Business Saturday shows willingness for SMBs to embrace new strategies as a way to survive the competitive, tech-savvy retail environment.

This newly released infographic shows that as we approach 2013, smaller retailers are expected adopt these new tools at a higher rate—or at least remain constant.

Infographic after the jump…

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Half of Facebook Retailers Expect More Sales This Holiday Season

New “F-Commerce Facts” study from Payvment shows sellers are optimistic about holiday sales. Retailers are continuing to embrace Facebook Ads; increasing their use of Twitter and Pinterest to drive buyers to Facebook storefronts.

The 2012 holiday season is expected to be enormous for online retailers, with Facebook storefronts reaping the biggest rewards.

Facebook e-commerce platform Payvment surveyed over 1,000 sellers on Facebook in its second “F-Commerce Facts,” focusing on smaller businesses with fewer than 500 Facebook fans.

Facebook sellers are optimistic about the 2012 holiday season; nearly half of sellers anticipate increased sales over last year while 48 percent are running promotions to boost sales during the holidays.

“With hundreds of thousands of small businesses now selling products on Facebook and many planning significant promotions and discounts for the holidays,” said Payvment CEO Jim Stoneham in a press release, “Cyber Monday could very well become ‘Facebook Monday’ this year.”

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Data also shows that Facebook sellers are increasingly investing in promoting storefronts via Facebook Ads, offering deals, promotions and aggressively marketing via other social media platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest.

Key conclusions:

1. Facebook sellers are optimistic about the 2012 holiday season.

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