Are You a Procrastinator? 6 Ways to Get Work Done!

There will come a time where we realize we have the tools to do a job at work, just not the willpower to get it done!

You have now come face to face with procrastination.

Ban Procrastination from workIf left unchecked, procrastination at work  can be a career-killer!  When it takes hold of you, you could find yourself completely unprepared to handle it.

In an infographic about procrastination from, there are two interesting statistics:

  • People who procrastinate tend to drink more
  • 46 percent of respondents say procrastination has a negative influence on their lives

Here are six tips to keep procrastination out of work and your life:

Visualize success.

Have an idea of the work you need to do—visualize addressing the assignment. One of the biggest barriers of performance is losing track of what you are doing. When a job is not top-of-mind, you usually forget how significant it can be.

Decide to move.

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoMake the conscious decision to act. By concentrating on the work you need to do, you will arrive at a point where you just can’t wait another minute. When you finally decide to get started, you break through the sub-conscious wall that holds you back.

Break it down.

Every job is easier when divided into smaller, more manageable fragments. As the saying goes, every great journey begins with a single step. Divide the work into small steps, soon you will find yourself accomplishing all you need.

Timing is everything.

Start with a manageable chunk of time to work on the task—you can begin with as little as 15 minutes to get you started. Work on the project for that set period, taking credit for getting at least that much accomplished. It will be your first step to banishing procrastination. You will find that once the ball is rolling, everything else will come.

One day at a time.

As the Nike ads say—just do it! Every day is a win if you use the time to work toward a goal. Do something—anything—each day! This will expand your imagination and stimulate you to move forward. Success is a daily habit.

One last thing—don’t forget to have fun! Find pleasure in everything you do—anything from daily chores to your work, occupation or career. The more pleasure you get in doing a task, the less likely you will procrastinate.

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Five Habits of a Truly Horrible Boss

The best thing about working for a boss is the opportunity to learn from both good and negative examples of leadership.

5 Habits of a Bad BossThere are five common leadership habits, behaviors and approaches that you will see in a lousy boss.

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Learning from a Bad Boss

Learning From A Bad BossMany things (both good and bad) can happen in the workplace. One of worst is working under a bad boss. The way a boss can be bad is as varied as management styles—a bad boss can either disrespectful, incompetent  offensive, arrogant or any combination.

They could even be a decent person, but have poor leadership skills.

Having a lousy boss doesn’t mean you cannot learn how to be a better employee—and perhaps a better boss  later on in your career.

Here are several ways you can learn from a terrible boss—and improve your own future:

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Top Ten: Leadership!

Regional Leadership Forum
Leadership (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vince Lombardi once said:

“Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile. “

In some ways, we all possess an innate ability to become leaders—as a friend, spouse, parent or business specialist. In the role of the Human Resources professional, leadership can certainly be the most valuable skill, something used to create a successful, productive workplace.

We all carry leadership traits within us, just waiting for the opportunity to present itself. All it takes is a sincere desire to use these tools to get the job done.
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Today’s Motivation… Bad Bosses

AngerMany things can happen in the workplace. One of the most caustic is working under a bad boss. The reasons behind imperfect management can be varied—disrespectful, offensive or arrogant. They could even be a decent person, but have poor leadership skills. Continue reading “Today’s Motivation… Bad Bosses”