SMS Recruitment: Connect to the One Thing Every Candidate Owns

The way to connect with the one thing every candidate owns–a cell phone–is with SMS recruitment. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone, but SMS (Short Message Service) in recruitment is amazingly underutilized. SMS recruitment is an untapped market, one that saves money and time, something which can clearly be appealing for any organization. The advantageContinue reading “SMS Recruitment: Connect to the One Thing Every Candidate Owns”

Using follow-up questions to drive content marketing

See on – Digital Human Resources News Follow-up questions are the key to getting to the heart of the matter. there are times when the simplest questions — even those categorized as “dumb” — can be the most enlightening. This article, found on, discusses how simple questions can uncover hidden “news” that can lead to great content — for marketing andContinue reading “Using follow-up questions to drive content marketing”

The Best Time to Send Emails

One of the fastest-growing advertising strategies for small business is the email marketing campaign. This method of getting the word out to a large portion of potential customers can be both constructive and cost-efficient. Small business owners look to email marketing as a way to connect with investors, customers and potential employees. However, like anyContinue reading “The Best Time to Send Emails”

SmashFly Named 2012 #HRTechConf Company to Watch

From BY CHRIS BRABLC ⋅ OCTOBER 9, 2012 Exciting news coming around the HR Technology Conference for SmashFly Technologies.  Industry veteran and analyst George LaRocque (@glarocque) put together a great list of companies that are doing exceptional things around HR and talent acquisition technology and SmashFly is honored to be included on that list.

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