How Not to Write Resumes, Job Descriptions [Infographic]

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but for job searchers, hiring managers and human resources departments, words can count quite a bit more! In crafting the tools for a competitive job market—for employers and job seekers—both what you say and how you say it are essential to making an impact. Like marketing copy,Continue reading “How Not to Write Resumes, Job Descriptions [Infographic]”

Top Ten: Best Practices for Social Media in Background Checks

Recently, a survey found that half of all background checks by employers include a search on social media platforms. In some cases, this operation requires candidates to disclose usernames, passwords, and other information to have access to Facebook and Twitter accounts, e-mail, blogs, and other online content for review by prospective employers. This has triggeredContinue reading “Top Ten: Best Practices for Social Media in Background Checks”

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