Security and Savings by Offboarding Employees

Everybody talks about “talent acquisition,” recruitment and onboarding new employees. What about offboarding? The other end of the employee lifecycle—offboarding—provides another opportunity for a company to protect its assets and reputation. No one disagrees onboarding is necessary for the long-term health of a company. Few human resources pros have an organized plan for when employees leave. OffboardingContinue reading “Security and Savings by Offboarding Employees”

Why Big Data can be a Big Deal in Human Resources

Big Data has become one of the hottest buzzwords in business. With it comes both pros and cons. Big Data has become one of the world’s biggest business buzzwords, with good reason. It does have the power to transform human resources and talent management. However, like any new jargon, Big Data does come with someContinue reading “Why Big Data can be a Big Deal in Human Resources”

How to Get Exceptional Things from Average Employees

Not every employee is a superstar, but everyone can provide exceptional performance. Five brilliant ways to get great things from even the most mediocre employee. Excellent employees are no guarantee a company will be great. Even with several star players, a sports team can still lose. Not everyone is a superstar! However, the secret to successContinue reading “How to Get Exceptional Things from Average Employees”

Five Tips to Hire for Loyalty, Not Just a Warm Body

Of course, you need to hire the right employees, with the right qualifications, but you also have to hire for the long-term. Why just hire a warm body, when you can hire for loyalty? Research shows that nearly one-third of employees is thinking of changing jobs in the next year. When you factor in Millennials andContinue reading “Five Tips to Hire for Loyalty, Not Just a Warm Body”

Hire Better Quality Talent NOW With Proactive Recruitment

Nobody is successful by just sitting around; the same is true with recruitment. Proactive recruitment is the only way to go! To get the best talent, hiring managers, recruiters and human resources personnel need to stop last-minute hiring and start proactive recruitment! It is true that many hiring managers shudder when they hear the word “proactive.” TheyContinue reading “Hire Better Quality Talent NOW With Proactive Recruitment”

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