Sexual, Domestic Assault on List of ADA Human Resources Violations

To be Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliant, human resources departments might have to add dating or domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault to the list of discriminatory acts effecting current or prospective employees. In a fact sheet issued by the EEOC that explains the ADA may relate to human resources situations concerning employees, applicants orContinue reading “Sexual, Domestic Assault on List of ADA Human Resources Violations”

Who Should Have HR, Anyway?

Who should have a Human Resources person, anyway? In a word–everyone! What extent should a company have a HR Department? Of course as a company grows and hires more employees, need to regulate HR functions increases dramatically. However, that does not necessarily mean they need a full office to handle the job. Those experienced in theContinue reading “Who Should Have HR, Anyway?”

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