New Calif. Employment Laws We All Should Know About

New California employment laws may soon affect us all...

The California State Legislature was remarkably active in 2012, either modifying various employment laws or adding new laws in a variety of areas, including hourly wage, anti-discrimination and social media policies.

Since California is a bellwether for trends affecting the entire country, every human resources professional should be aware of these changes. They may be widespread sooner than later.

It is recommended that employers review these changes, making sure their policies and compliance practices are updated before the beginning of 2013. Many of these go into effect on January 1.

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Top Ten: Legal Tips for Hospitality HR

In this litigious society, the hospitality industry—perhaps more than any other segment—has been the subject of numerous lawsuits, both frivolous and legitimate.

Hospitality HRNewsFor small business owners and HR professionals, changes in the legal landscape mean that you need constant vigilance to protect your company and stay out of court.

Although nothing can replace formal legal advice from a qualified attorney, here are some suggestions for hospitality HR, so your company can keep on the right side of the law:   Continue reading “Top Ten: Legal Tips for Hospitality HR”

Legal Update: Social Media Rules

Social Media RulesMore than ever, technology is making business more productive (and profitable); better reaching out to customers, interacting with staff, recruiting and hiring new employees.

Social media platforms are now an indispensable tool to seek out and evaluate job applicants. However, it does not stop there— public internet profiles and postings of both prospective and current employee and postings are under investigation. Continue reading “Legal Update: Social Media Rules”

NLRB: Costco Social Media Policy Unlawful

Costco Wholesale’s policy on social media use by employees violates protected communications, according to a recent ruling by the National Labor Relations Board.

Costco Social Media Policy Found UnlawfulOn September 7, the NLRB issued a Decision and Order invalidating Costco Wholesale Corporation’s electronic posting rule; they also found unlawful portions of the employee handbook, which prohibited employees from making statements which “damage the Company, defame any individual or damage any person’s reputation.” Continue reading “NLRB: Costco Social Media Policy Unlawful”

EEOC Rule Change For Background Checks

Seal of the United States Equal Employment Opp...
Seal of the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can a youthful mistake—like a run-in with the law that occurred decades ago—keep a person from getting a job?

It may not be the case, based on new guidelines for employers determined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The EEOC recently updated the official position on criminal background checks. The new policy was approved this week, and a whitepaper is available that explains the new procedures. Employers can obtain the information by emailing a request to

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