Corporate Secrecy: Bad For Business

Companies most guarded about succession plans, often failing to communicate about training and leadership programs.

A sense of mystery may be appropriate for horror movies, but it is certainly unsuitable for human resources departments and the company’s long-term health.

Secrecy continues to be a general business practice, especially at the top of the organization, according to a survey by AMA Enterprise, a focused division of American Management Association.

Lack of transparency prevents an alignment of employees with the business approach, and can result in a system that is “certainly counterproductive, and potentially even destructive,” said Sandi Edwards, Senior Vice President for AMA Enterprise. Continue reading “Corporate Secrecy: Bad For Business”

Four Tips for Conflict-Busting Conversations in the Workplace

Employee of the Month Reserved Parking Sign

By: Steven P. Dinkin  for the American Management Association

A long-time consultant is offended by something a new salesperson said on a conference call and is threatening to leave. And an employee in marketing is furious about being passed over for a promotion in favor of her co-worker and is trying to discredit her. These are just a couple of examples of the workplace conflicts that take up 42 percent of the typical manager’s time. The trick to moving past these conflicts and on to increased productivity for everyone at your organization is knowing how to broach the topics in a way that leads to improved working relationships.  Continue reading “Four Tips for Conflict-Busting Conversations in the Workplace”