Human Resources Pros: Three Skills to Develop NOW!

Many human resources pros have the desire to make it to the top—becoming a CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) or similar position.

Although it is certainly good to aspire to greatness, the truth is there are few C-level management HR roles to go around.

Human resources prosShould the lack of high-level human resources positions hold a motivated human resources go-getter back? No!

Three skills human resources pros can develop RIGHT NOW, to increase their chances of being the best in their profession.

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Can Talent Management Align With Business Objectives?

Firms Struggle to Align Talent Management Strategy with Business Objectives

Talent Management

From Right Management:

Major organizations are increasingly seeking to align talent management strategy with business objectives, according to a survey of 537 U.S. companies by Right Management, the talent and career experts within ManpowerGroup.

Forty-six percent of the organizations represented in the survey struggle with such alignment, with as many as 18 percent reporting that there is no alignment with business objectives.

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Get Educated! Human Resources and the Learning Culture

How can human resources make a business competitive in the marketplace? Education!

Three steps for human resources to develop a learning culture in the workplace.

education (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

There may be several factors to a company’s success, but one of the biggest is when their workforce that can adapt and learn quickly. In business, change is a constant, and the human resources department who embraces change (and can learn and teach from it) is the one that will certainly benefit.

For human resources departments, developing an organization that values education is vital to the company’s health and prosperity. Stagnant and unmotivated workers can become an anchor that weighs down and sinks a business. Everybody in human resources talks about engagement; the corporate culture that values education and knowledge is one that has fully engaged workers.

However, fashioning a learning culture from scratch is not easy, especially when human resources is faced with employees that fear making mistakes, fail to challenge ideas based on merit, or constantly resists positive change.

When this is the climate human resources face in a company, something must be done!

Three steps that will guarantee to convert a lifeless workplace into one with a learning culture:

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They’re Coming After You! Ways to Keep Your Job

The current economic climate has been volatile, and many workers have lost (or will lose) their jobs.

The problem is, you could be next!

Obviously, every job situation is different—an assortment of your industry, your organization, your performance and the circumstances of your job.However, in the right set of conditions, a layoff could be in the cards.

Instead of hoping potential threats to your job and career fade away, take action!

Ways to recognize the warning signs that your job may at risk:

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