Six “Simple Stupid” Interview Tips


Let’s face facts.

There are many reasons a company will hire a person, the top two are: (1) the candidate fills an employer’s immediate need and (2) they have the character that will thrive in the corporate culture.

When it comes to making a hiring decision, many factors are simply beyond your control. The interview is clearly not one of them.

The interview is one of the few things that you can actually influence; the secrets to success there can be placed in the category of “simple-stupid.”

By focusing on six no-fail interview tips, you will be in the best possible position to get the job:

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Top Ten: Ways to Make a Temp Job Permanent

Top Ten Ways to Make A Temp Job PermanantMany companies choose to “test” an employee before filling a vacancy, by hiring through temporary services, as contract workers or as interns. For the job seeker, a “temp” position is one of the quickest paths to employment.

In addition, these temporary employees have the “inside track” when a permanent position opens up—knowing the job better than anyone from outside the company.

Although a temp-to-hire situation is not guaranteed, there are several ways to increase the odds in your favor if and when a regular job opens up.

Ten terrific ways to help make a temp job permanent:

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