Top Ten: Ways to Make a Temp Job Permanent

Top Ten Ways to Make A Temp Job PermanantMany companies choose to “test” an employee before filling a vacancy, by hiring through temporary services, as contract workers or as interns. For the job seeker, a “temp” position is one of the quickest paths to employment.

In addition, these temporary employees have the “inside track” when a permanent position opens up—knowing the job better than anyone from outside the company.

Although a temp-to-hire situation is not guaranteed, there are several ways to increase the odds in your favor if and when a regular job opens up.

Ten terrific ways to help make a temp job permanent:

  • Be reliable.

The key to going from temp to permanent is to increase your value to the employer. By being 100 percent reliable and consistently delivering high-quality work, your employer will take you as someone with the motivation to get the job done, even though you are a temp.

  • Attitude is everything.

The job may be temporary, but that doesn’t mean you must act like it. A positive outlook offered with passion can indicate that you have the right mindset for a long-term role at the company.

  • Have a genuine interest.

Devote yourself, with genuine interest, to doing the best job possible. Take ownership of the work you do, and there will be a decent chance the company could see you as someone they cannot live without.

  • Research the company.

Take the time to learn all you can about the company. Knowing the organizational structure, goals and corporate culture will give you an upper hand when a permanent position opens up.

  • Share ideas.

Contribute and offer solutions in a polite, respectful manner. As an interested outsider, you are in a unique position to give advice (within reason) about streamlining procedures and how the job can be made easier.

  • Network.

Get to know the people in the office; they could become your most valuable asset in your time at a temporary job. A strong network will provide a heads up on open positions, and thorough cultivation of your professional contacts—with a terrific attitude and work ethic—can open the door to permanent status.

  • Communicate.

No, that does not mean becoming the office gossip. Being a wallflower at a temp job will not get you any further in the company. Be available to others, communicate your career goals and foster lines of communications between co-workers and supervisors.

  • Be a proper fit.

Understand the culture of the company; what is appropriate, acceptable and conditions of the office.  Be affable, pleasant and suitable for your surroundings. Dress appropriately.  This will allow you to showcase your abilities, and obtain additional responsibilities.

  • Stand out.

Not in a bad way, but apply yourself in unique ways. Showcase your personal brand. Do things differently than they have been done in the past.

  • Just ask.

Want to move from a temporary position to something permanent? Often, it is a matter of simply asking if a permanent job is available—provided you have been doing the other things on this list. Making the right impression, proving you can do the job by being a talented person who genuinely enjoys working there—at times, the only thing left to do is ask.

If all the right pieces fall into place—you may find yourself in that temp job permanently, or they might even show you something better!


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