Managers! Time to Ditch Performance Reviews?

In the past few years, performance reviews have come under considerable criticism. Innovative managers think it is time to ditch annual, structured performance reviews. To a growing number of managers, one-sided, employer-administered performance reviews are little more than a “dog and pony show.” It creates negative performance, a roadblock to significant business communication and isContinue reading “Managers! Time to Ditch Performance Reviews?”

Is Your Feedback Effective? Mistakes Managers Make When Reviewing Performance

As a manager, giving feedback is perhaps your most crucial task. Are employees receptive to the way you give criticism? Does your feedback encourage employees to perform, or does it create resentment? Does it improve morale? Do your methods keep them in line with business objectives, or does it become a source of distraction? ThereContinue reading “Is Your Feedback Effective? Mistakes Managers Make When Reviewing Performance”

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