Managers! Time to Ditch Performance Reviews?

In the past few years, performance reviews have come under considerable criticism.

Innovative managers think it is time to ditch annual, structured performance reviews.

History of Performance ReviewsTo a growing number of managers, one-sided, employer-administered performance reviews are little more than a “dog and pony show.” It creates negative performance, a roadblock to significant business communication and is the primary reason for low morale at the workplace.

Even the knowledge that a performance review will take place harms daily interactions and teamwork.

It was not always this way. Originally, management used performance reviews to inform employees about what they are doing right—and wrong. They provided insight on performance, as well as ways to improve productivity. Over time, the original goal has changed—quite a lot. Continue reading “Managers! Time to Ditch Performance Reviews?”

Human Resources: Is Hiring the Solution? 4 Questions to Ask

Human Resources: is hiring the solution?
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What procedures do you, or your human resources department, perform before posting a job opening? Do you even have a strategy? There are a few questions you should ask before you decide to hire a new employee.

One way to solve an employer’s problem in the workplace is to automatically hire new people. There are other choices, such as restructuring an existing team, setting up an employee referral program or other options that doesn’t take as much time and money .

To find out if hiring a new employee is the best solution for you, first have a way to analyze your current situation and make a list of “best practices.”

There are four key questions human resources should answer, even before you can think of beginning the hiring process:

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ZOMBIES! The True Cost of a Bad Hire

Forty-one percent of companies estimate that a bad hire cost them more than $25,000.
One in four say it cost them over $50,000…
And these estimates are conservative.
Yikes! I Hired a Zombie!
Image: Vitamin T

Frightening, right?

Calculating employee turnover costs is always tricky. For those brave enough to try, simply add:

  • Cost of time spent writing/posting jobs descriptions, reviewing resumes & interviewing candidates
  • Cost of time spent training & providing orientation
  • Cost of salary, benefits and perks
  • Cost of providing severance or (oh no!) dealing with a lawsuit

Then add some of the less-obvious costs:

  • Lost clients and new business opportunities
  • Substandard work with rework, due to poor skills or mistakes
  • Inefficient management of time and resources
  • Missed deadlines
  • Poor attitudes and lower morale

The numbers are gruesome and impact both hiring managers and their teams.

Vitamin T created an infographic to help you avoid hiring the wrong person. They have worked with thousands of clients of all shapes and sizes, so they know how to spot a zombie.

Besides, we all love zombies… As long as you don’t hire one!

Infographic after the jump…

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Culture Starts with Onboarding

Onboarding is Essential For A Corporate CultureThink back to your first day on a new job. Remember the feelings of enthusiasm and anticipation?

Starting a new job is always an exhilarating experience; it is often the time when energy, excitement and expectations are at their peak. Those crucial first days are also an excellent time to give the new employee the right start, putting them on the path to flourish within the organization.

Hospitality, more than almost any other industry, is geared to providing extraordinary experiences to the end-user. These businesses survive (or not) through customer service, and often it rests on a great first impression.

If first impressions are so vital to the customer, wouldn’t it be the same for new employees? Continue reading “Culture Starts with Onboarding”