Is Your Feedback Effective? Mistakes Managers Make When Reviewing Performance

As a manager, giving feedback is perhaps your most crucial task. Are employees receptive to the way you give criticism? Does your feedback encourage employees to perform, or does it create resentment? Does it improve morale? Do your methods keep them in line with business objectives, or does it become a source of distraction? ThereContinue reading “Is Your Feedback Effective? Mistakes Managers Make When Reviewing Performance”

The Secret to Innovation? Three Simple Words!

Is there a secret to innovation? It may be found in three simple words: “How Might We…” Innovation and creative thinking writer Warren Berger analyzed this key phrase in a Harvard Business Review blog post.  He discussed the importance each word plays and its role in inspired problem-solving.

The Surprising Secret to Selling Yourself

Potential may trump actual accomplishments when judging job candidates, according to researchers at Stanford University. By Heidi Grant Halvorson  for Harvard Business Review: There is no shortage of advice out there on how to make a good impression — an impression good enough to land you a new job, score a promotion, or bring inContinue reading “The Surprising Secret to Selling Yourself”

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