The Problem with Facebook Politics

I am losing my patience…

The blogosphere (especially Facebook) is filled with consevatives who attempt to baselessly label the president — “Marxist,” “socialist,” “anti-American,” and more.

I am sorry, but they cannot be considered “intelligent.”

There is just no way. The facts simply do not bear them out.

Do these ideologues REALLY know why “logical” bills get rejected? It is because political interests weigh the bill down with crap that the president cannot — in good conscious — pass.

The remedy is simple — read the bills (I do).

When the right ties a payroll tax reduction (a good idea in these times) to something, say, like the Keystone XL (for many, an environmental nightmare), and now you have a dilemma.

Karl Marx (1818-1883)

Does Obama veto a well-deserved tax reduction (or continuation of tax holiday) because he believes the pipeline is wrong–and as a result, feeling the wrath of 160 million taxpayers?

You see, that is the problem with ideological sloganeering — DUMBING DOWN the discourse, and preventing people from being informed!

So… yes, I will pick on those (not-so) intelligent people who are making their followers LESS INFORMED.

That, my friend, is dangerous.

You see, real politics cannot be boiled down to a bumper sticker (or Facebook status updates)…

… that is just STUPID.

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