Valentines Day on the Job: How to Make Office Romance Work!

It’s that time again! The day that puts fear in the hearts of human resources pros—Valentine’s Day. Tips on how to make an office romance work!

Valentines Day! Time for an office romance?
(Photo credit: stevendepolo)

With hearts, candy, flowers and love, once again office romances are a hot topic for human resources. The extra difficulty is the fact that office romances have become more commonplace; one study found that, at one time or another, nearly 70 percent of employees had a romantic relationship at work.

No matter what size company, workplace romances can cause problems. For one, if the relationship goes sour, it can result in emotional distress for not only the employees directly involved, but also a reduction in workplace productivity, which directly impacts business.

There will always be risks in office romances. On the other hand, many happy relationships have come as a result of relationships beginning at work. Happy couples working together could have positive benefits like increased creativity, better performances and higher incentives.

It all goes to show, you just never know.

An office romance doesn’t have to be a problem, hurt a career, or even cause stress. Simply follow these ten tips:

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