Job Search Tip for 2013? Social Networking!


In 2013, you can be sure of one thing; getting a new job will start and ends with social media. Both job seekers and employers already take advantage of social networks; either through career sites, job boards or with cloud-based hiring tools like Ovation Technologies.

Job seekers connect with employers to be “in the know” for hot new jobs; employers use social media to reach out to top talent and passive candidates.

There is no doubt; the main theme of 2013 will be social media recruitment.

If you understand exactly how important social media has become to the recruiting process, you will appreciate this infographic It outlines where most job seekers are doing their social networking.

Use this as a blueprint, so employers and hiring managers can discover top talent. The statistics cited on the infographic, the young males 18 to 29-years-old are doing the most social networking. Thirty percent of women use Facebook to social network as opposed to nearly three –quarters (70 percent) of men. This is also true for high-income earners, where most job seekers on Twitter have an income of $100,000 or more.

The infographic will help you learn more about how job seekers navigate social networking. Let these insights help you easily find top talent.

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