Five Reasons Why Your Resume Sucks!

It’s a tough job market, and it’s anyone’s guess when it will change.

Too many applicants and too few of the right job openings, so human resources departments end up ignoring all but the resumes of most qualified candidates.

Why Your Resume Sucks!Have you applied for  positions, knowing you are fully qualified, but still with no response? What the hiring manager or human resources department isn’t telling you is that your resume just doesn’t cut it.

The problem might not be you, it is your resume. Here are five reasons you are not getting interviews—because your resume just might suck:

  • Reason #1: Your resume is missing vital information.

Does your resume reveal your best qualifications by listing all relevant responsibilities, education, professional training and skills?  Are you showing the things that directly affect your current career goals? Volunteer work demonstrates skills needed for your next job—don’t forget to add them. Industry keywords and phrases are also needed.

  • Reason #2: Your resume is bloated with useless information.

If you are the type that only updates a resume by simply adding to your old resume, your resume is probably bloated with useless info. Everything on your resume should relate to the job you are looking for now! Before simply adding new information, take a look at the old words to ensure they are still relevant. You might have to change the emphasis on previous employment, or delete irrelevant details.

  • Reason #3: Your resume shows a lack of experience.

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoShort on relevant experience? Focus on the next best thing—transferable skills. List accomplishments that prove transferable skills needed for the job you want. Things like customer service, relationship building with clients, problem solving, and income generating or cost cutting.

  • Reason #4: Your resume shows too much experience.

Do you hear the word “overqualified” a lot? A resume that sucks screams it!  For non-management positions, highlight your contributions as an individual. Say what you have done as part of a team, instead of how you lead a team.

  • Reason #5: Resumes with a lack of results.

Recruiters, hiring managers and human resources personnel are all looking for one thing—employees who have a positive impact the bottom line. Everyone wants employees who can save money, contribute to profits, streamline workflows and keep customers happy.

A resume should include accomplishments that will result in achieving the goals of the company. Measurable results will give you the strongest edge against job applicants with the same qualifications as you.

Remember, competition for the best jobs will always be high. The best hiring tool is a well-written resume, ones that will get you in front of human resources departments and hiring managers. Don’t let another opportunity pass you by because your resume sucks! Improve it and you will increase your chances!

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