Five Reasons Why Your Resume Sucks!

It’s a tough job market, and it’s anyone’s guess when it will change. Too many applicants and too few of the right job openings, so human resources departments end up ignoring all but the resumes of most qualified candidates. Have you applied for  positions, knowing you are fully qualified, but still with no response? WhatContinue reading “Five Reasons Why Your Resume Sucks!”

A Great Resume: Broad Skills or Specific Talent?

On a job search, is it better to be adequate in a range of skills, or a pro in just one? Creating a strong brand—through well-written resumes—can be an invaluable tool. However, for years we were taught to craft resumes as a generalist, showing the candidate as someone ideal for a broad range of opportunities.Continue reading “A Great Resume: Broad Skills or Specific Talent?”

How Not to Write Resumes, Job Descriptions [Infographic]

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but for job searchers, hiring managers and human resources departments, words can count quite a bit more! In crafting the tools for a competitive job market—for employers and job seekers—both what you say and how you say it are essential to making an impact. Like marketing copy,Continue reading “How Not to Write Resumes, Job Descriptions [Infographic]”

5 Reasons Why Your Resume Bombed

Good morning, job seekers! You know the drill. Wake up, get some coffee, grab a bite to eat, fire up the computer and check your email.  If you are like most people, your inbox is already crammed with messages; some important, but most are junk, ads or spam. Today, searching for a new job onlineContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Your Resume Bombed”

Expect Failure: Only Then You Can Win!

After an extended search for new opportunities, there is one thing you can expect; something guaranteed to happen at one time or another. You are going to FAIL! Either an employer will not call back, or will call back to say the job went to someone “more experienced” or “having more skills” to do theContinue reading “Expect Failure: Only Then You Can Win!”

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