How to Give Your Resume a Social Media Punch

Does your resume have a social media “punch?”

Resume with a social media punchFew people will argue that social media has an impact in our lives—Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have given us new ways to connect. LinkedIn offers an easy professional network that can be both independent and authentic.

The one thing to say about social media: the business world has certainly embraced it with a passion. With the ability to create “buzz,” social media has become the go-to stage for things like low-cost advertising, lead generation and connecting with consumers.

Perhaps the place where social media has had the biggest influence is talent management. Job searches, recruitment and candidate administration are all essentially social structures—a two way street custom-made for social media. Hiring has never been a one-sided proposition.

Your resume is no longer just on paper, it’s also online. Companies are just as likely to examine social media to learn about you.

In today’s job market, the questions persist: Do resumes have the social media “punch” to make it in the most competitive market in years.

Increasing interconnectivity means both candidates and employers can rely more on cross-functioning groups to make a hiring decision. This means casting a wider social “net” to increase your visibility to the right people.

Three tips to how to make your resume with a social media punch:

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Five Rules for the Perfectly Worded Resume

It’s easy to use the wrong words on a resume, but the real challenge is creating a perfectly worded resume.

Five rules that will help you create a strong, accurate and powerful resume—something that can really get you the job!

Five rules for the perfectly worded resume

When writing resumes, it’s easy to talk about the words you want to avoid—empty, meaningless terms that have nothing to do with you getting you the job.

A bigger problem for job seekers is creating the perfectly worded resume.

It is true the wrong words can destroy your chances of getting the job, but the right words will surely improve your chances.

Creating a perfectly worded resume is not easy. There is no handy “list” of just the right words. A perfectly worded resume will vary depending on the job you are looking for.

However, there are five rules to get you started on the perfectly worded resume:

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10 Meaningless Words That Will Kill Your Resume

A resume that looks and sounds like a million others will never become a winner.

Make your resume stand out by ditching ten meaningless and empty words and phrases.

Resume Today, you have only one guarantee one when applying for a job—your resume will never be alone.  Expect it to sit in a stack of dozens, hundreds or even thousands.

It is no secret that to get ahead, you have to stand out.

Your resume represents valuable real estate, like ad space for you and your unique brand. Each word must have maximum impact to reach your goal—getting the job.

With that said, there are certain words and phrases overused by job seekers. In fact, they use them so much they have become dull, trivial and utterly inadequate.

A strong resume should avoid these 10 meaningless words and phrases. This way the hiring manager’s eyes won’t glaze over when seeing the same garbage over and over and over…

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Are Cover Letters Obsolete in Modern Recruitment?

The Internet has made many traditional recruitment techniques obsolete, but (thankfully) the cover letter is not one of them.

For more effective recruitment, there are five basics every cover letter should have.

Cover Letter Recruitment Tips

There is no doubt that the Internet has changed the business landscape, especially when it comes to recruitment and hiring.

From submitting resumes online, video interviews and keyword searches to affordable applicant tracking systems available to businesses of any size, the Internet has certainly made recruitment more streamlined.

Speed and simplicity cause many job seekers to believe the cover letter has become obsolete. They reason that the resume is what hiring managers want, so what exactly is the purpose of an additional page.

Even though they are rarely read, cover letters have a place.

Not surprisingly, many recruiters actually admit they do not even read candidate cover letters.

The fact remains that a resume alone will not get you the job, no matter how incredible your qualifications. The sheer number of job applicants for each position means you must differentiate yourself beyond the competition. The cover letter helps you do just that.

No matter what, it is essential to customize your resume for the specific job you are seeking. This is the same for cover letters. Resume parsing software often look for the word matches both on the resume as well as on cover letters.

Cover letters, even if not read, will give you an opportunity to tell your story and highlight your strengths. This allows you to add value to your resume, by explaining exactly how your recruitment will benefit the company.

Try these five basics when writing your next cover letter:

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Now You Can Stop Swimming In Resumes With Innovation In Hiring

Drowning in a flood of resumes? It might be time to rethink your hiring process!

Innovation in hiring uses technology to provide resume relief!

Innovation in HiringIt was not that long ago when only large corporations had enough innovation in hiring  to manage a flood of applications and resumes for the choice job openings.

Applicant tracking software (ATS) made life easier for the big players by gathering candidates into a searchable database, allowing hiring managers to choose from the best.

Now, technology offers a wide range of affordable options for companies of any size. Innovation in hiring now lets them obtain, recruit and onboard exceptional talent.

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Four Little Known Interview Tips to Get the Best Candidates

Resumes and cover letters may be a good start in the hiring process, but the behavioral interview can get to the heart of the matter! Four behavioral interview tips, to learn if you have the perfect candidate!

Interview Tips
Photo credit: smiling_da_vinci

Resumes and cover letters determine which candidates deserve a closer look; they show which ones are worth more of your time.

However, without the interview, it is impossible to find the best talent.

Literally, an interviewer can ask hundreds of questions. Asking everything could take hours, and you just do not have the time. Even then, a marathon meeting—filled with meaningless questions—leaves no guarantees that you will find the right fit for your company. The best interview tips are to choose only a select few pertinent questions.

Behavioral interviewing learns which candidates will work the best in a particular corporate culture. One of the best ways to be truly effective is to trim down the list of questions to only what is relevant. Stick to the a few interview tips, and it will soon get down to exactly what you need to know to make a hiring decision.

Nothing more, nothing less.

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Infographic Resumes: Here to Stay, Or Just a Passing Fad?

The most difficult part of a modern job search is determining if the latest technology is a definite movement or only a passing fad. One example is infographic resumes.

Infographic resume (2)Everyone agrees that finding a job can be a job in itself, especially for employers who have to sift through thousands of identical resumes. So it might be reasonable to think job seekers will use eye-catching tricks in an attempt to stand out. One popular trend has become the infographic resume.

With infographic resumes, is it more than just a fad? It could be here to stay.

Video resumes are a prime example of technology gone awry—perhaps even becoming a running joke with employers. Some experts swear by them, others say job seekers should stay away.

The same is true with infographics, the vision and design phenomenon that has now made its way into the world of the resume.

How to Hire the Best Talent: Ovation Technologies

Infographics have already become common business tools, popular for summarizing information in visually appealing ways and making them easy to understand.

It is not difficult to imagine job seekers will try to do the same for their qualifications, strengths and abilities.

Isn’t that is the point of a resume, anyway?

However, an effective infographic resume should depend on the situation and type of job you are seeking. Do it right and it could get you noticed (in a good way); do infographic resumes wrong, and you may be the object of office jokes for years to come.

Four tips for creating a successful infographic resume:

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