How to Give Your Resume a Social Media Punch

Does your resume have a social media “punch?” Few people will argue that social media has an impact in our lives—Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have given us new ways to connect. LinkedIn offers an easy professional network that can be both independent and authentic. The one thing to say about social media: the business worldContinue reading “How to Give Your Resume a Social Media Punch”

Five Rules for the Perfectly Worded Resume

It’s easy to use the wrong words on a resume, but the real challenge is creating a perfectly worded resume. Five rules that will help you create a strong, accurate and powerful resume—something that can really get you the job! When writing resumes, it’s easy to talk about the words you want to avoid—empty, meaninglessContinue reading “Five Rules for the Perfectly Worded Resume”

10 Meaningless Words That Will Kill Your Resume

A resume that looks and sounds like a million others will never become a winner. Make your resume stand out by ditching ten meaningless and empty words and phrases. Today, you have only one guarantee one when applying for a job—your resume will never be alone.  Expect it to sit in a stack of dozens,Continue reading “10 Meaningless Words That Will Kill Your Resume”

Are Cover Letters Obsolete in Modern Recruitment?

The Internet has made many traditional recruitment techniques obsolete, but (thankfully) the cover letter is not one of them. For more effective recruitment, there are five basics every cover letter should have. There is no doubt that the Internet has changed the business landscape, especially when it comes to recruitment and hiring. From submitting resumesContinue reading “Are Cover Letters Obsolete in Modern Recruitment?”

Now You Can Stop Swimming In Resumes With Innovation In Hiring

Drowning in a flood of resumes? It might be time to rethink your hiring process! Innovation in hiring uses technology to provide resume relief! It was not that long ago when only large corporations had enough innovation in hiring  to manage a flood of applications and resumes for the choice job openings. Applicant tracking softwareContinue reading “Now You Can Stop Swimming In Resumes With Innovation In Hiring”

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