How to Get Exceptional Things from Average Employees

Not every employee is a superstar, but everyone can provide exceptional performance.

Five brilliant ways to get great things from even the most mediocre employee.

How to get extraordinary things from average employeesExcellent employees are no guarantee a company will be great. Even with several star players, a sports team can still lose.

Not everyone is a superstar! However, the secret to success is not filling a company with exceptional workers, but getting the best out of the ones you have.

This can be accomplished no matter what skill level they possess.

Promote a feeling that every employee—even average ones—can succeed beyond their potential, your organization will achieve greatness.

Five brilliant ways to get extraordinary things out of average workers:

Start by hiring the right employees

When talking with candidates, discover what approach they use for personal development.  Find out if they are able (and willing) to do better. They are the people you want.

Clearly state the company vision

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoMake improvement a company-wide goal. Each employee should understand clearly that everyone is responsible for improving themselves, as well as making everything around them better.

Have an environment that promotes improvement

Onboarding, in the first few days (or weeks) of a new hire, is an excellent opportunity to instill strong company values. Make sure they know the company expects them to strive for improvement.

Coach, mentor and support

Don’t play lip service to the idea of personal improvement. Nobody likes to be told to do better. Demonstrate how they can reach for the stars. Take time—at least weekly—to casually coach your employees , with structured training every month.

Give employees responsibility

Not every business owner has time to micromanage, but everyone can make time to give responsibility to employees.  Responsible employees will not wait for direction to take the initiative.

Inspired employees—even average ones—who strive to improve will not look to leave. They are dependable, and much more likely to stay where they are.

Everyone has the desire to be good at what they do. Giving employees both a reason and the motivation to do better, they will reward you by making the company great!

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