4 WORST Job Search Tips You Will Ever Hear!

Job Search FailWhen on a job search, you will find a barrage of information designed to get you on track to finding the right job.

One thing to remember—not all advice is good! Many words of so-called wisdom might not even apply to you.

What’s more is there are some job search tips you will get that are just downright horrible.

Four of the worst pieces of job search advice that you will ever hear:

Bad job search tip #1: Go ahead, send out as many job applications as you can!

One terrible job search tip is sending out as many applications as possible. Plaster your resume all around town! They feel that since you the job search is a job in itself, you have all day, every day, to research and send out applications.

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoJust because you send out a stack of resumes in your job search, it does not automatically increase your chances of getting a job. Spend time wisely, by researching companies and sending out targeted applications for jobs you are truly qualified to do.  The chances of success will be higher than sending the resumes scattershot.

Bad job search tip #2: Never, ever reschedule the screening phone call.

If a human resources department, hiring manager or recruiter calls you for a screening interview, you have to take—regardless of what you are doing at the time! However, being unprepared, short on time, racing out to go to another important meeting, or if the kids are screaming in the next room, you will not make the best impression. This is the time to put your best foot forward. Reschedule the call for as soon as possible, and be ready.

Bad job search tip #3: A little white lie about your most recent salary never hurt.

Many people consistently lie about current salary and believe it to be a credible negotiating strategy, but it is not the kind of risk you want. Once the employer finds out you lied—and they will–you could lose the job offer. If you already started the new job, you will get fired. Many companies are even starting to ask for W-2 forms from previous employers! Do you truly want to get caught in a lie?

Bad job search tip #4: Don’t worry, the company will call you.

Waiting for companies, recruiters or human resources to call you back? You may be waiting a long time. In addition, you could be missing out on fantastic opportunities. Send out your application and plan a follow-up phone call.

Some applications state “no calls;” but a LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other connection can be the way to get in touch a hiring manager or human resources. Don’t sit on your thumbs waiting by the phone; take the initiative.

These four pieces of job search advice are bad in almost every situation, but is one tip that is even worse.

The positively worst piece of job search advice—trying to follow all the advice you will hear.

Some tactics that work for one job search or circumstances might not work for yours. Don’t panic if you do something that someone else says is a lousy idea. Always use good judgment and do what works for you.

Do you have any terrible job search tips? let us know in the comments!



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