What Everybody Ought to Know About Social Media Recruitment

Social media recruitment does not have to be difficult, after you learn the things you ought to know. Start with three key players in social media recruitment: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. With billions of users, the “big hitters” of social media recruitment, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, have become a natural draw both recruiters and candidates. JobContinue reading “What Everybody Ought to Know About Social Media Recruitment”

Social Media Recruitment: Six Metrics Show NOW is the Time!

Six key metrics indicate social media recruitment is here to stay The wave of the future? Clearly it is social media recruitment! As the economy improves, passive job-seekers start becoming active. Everyone will be searching for the next great opportunity. In the past, executives needed only a well-qualified recruiter as the best way to reachContinue reading “Social Media Recruitment: Six Metrics Show NOW is the Time!”

4 WORST Job Search Tips You Will Ever Hear!

When on a job search, you will find a barrage of information designed to get you on track to finding the right job. One thing to remember—not all advice is good! Many words of so-called wisdom might not even apply to you. What’s more is there are some job search tips you will get that areContinue reading “4 WORST Job Search Tips You Will Ever Hear!”

Social Media Recruitment Report Card for 2012

In 2012, social media was hot! Which network actually made the grade? Which one will you use for social media recruitment? The past year gave us Pinterest, the marriage of Facebook-Instagram, even a hint that MySpace is making a comeback! (Who knows? Stranger things have happened!) In an infographic from marketing software provider Pardot, Facebook, Twitter,Continue reading “Social Media Recruitment Report Card for 2012”

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