Avoid the Ten Dumb Mistakes Hiring Managers Make

Are your hiring managers making any of these 10 dumb mistakes? Human resources, hiring managers and recruiters are human. On occasion, they make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, right? The ten most common dumb screening mistakes made by recruiters and hiring managers, as reported in this infographic by Resoomay. Key Takeaways: Seventy-nine percent of businesses say theyContinue reading “Avoid the Ten Dumb Mistakes Hiring Managers Make”

Job Search Failure? How to Handle Rejection

The way to handle failure today is critical to future job search success. If you want to achieve, you need to gain confidence and pride—take on challenging goals, develop positive patterns and methods for success. Handle rejection badly, and you will wind up choosing either extremely easy tasks or unreasonably complicated ones guaranteed to fail.Continue reading “Job Search Failure? How to Handle Rejection”

4 WORST Job Search Tips You Will Ever Hear!

When on a job search, you will find a barrage of information designed to get you on track to finding the right job. One thing to remember—not all advice is good! Many words of so-called wisdom might not even apply to you. What’s more is there are some job search tips you will get that areContinue reading “4 WORST Job Search Tips You Will Ever Hear!”

7 Steps to Painless Human Resources Hiring!

Hiring can be a painful process, especially if it isn’t done right! The hiring process is often both lengthy and arduous, for human resources, management and the candidates themselves. In companies of every size, business owners are so eager to  be hiring the next superstar talent, they end up discouraging other good candidates in theContinue reading “7 Steps to Painless Human Resources Hiring!”

Job Search After a Layoff: 7 Ways to Start

Losing a job is stressful; an unexpected layoff can be devastating. Seven tips for making the most of your post-layoff job search. In today’s economy, layoffs have become a fact of life. There is no such thing as an indispensable employee. Improved unemployment numbers aside, the possibility of losing your job and beginning a newContinue reading “Job Search After a Layoff: 7 Ways to Start”

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