How to Become an Expert in Social Media Recruitment and Marketing

How to be a social media recrutiment expertIf there are any doubts about the value of social media recruitment, here is an interesting statistic:

Nearly 90 percent of Fortune Global 100 companies (87 percent) now use one or more of the major social media platforms to communicate with employees and candidates.

So much for social media recruitment for the big guys.

What is even more amazing is that small businesses seem to be even bigger fans of social media, for engaging with employees and customers, as well as social media recruitment.

A study conducted last year by Manta, the small business online community, found that a solid 90 percent of owners are going online to network.

Half of all small business owners surveyed say the biggest benefit of networking online is gaining and targeting prospective customers and candidates. Three-quarters say they gained at least 25 percent of all their new customers through online, social media and other web-based channels this year.

In addition, three out of four respondents (74 percent) say that social networking has become comparable (and in some cases superior) to traditional face-to-face networking.

If you don’t think social media recruitment is for your business, then nothing will! The facts are in, and the truth is plain to see–social media recruitment and networking is here to stay!

By using data taken from a wide range of sources, the folks at recently developed one of the most detailed infographics we have ever seen. This fact-filled graph is designed to help social media recruitment, and marketers, to become true specialists in the field.

Check out this exciting new infographic created for from QuinStreet, Inc. after the jump:

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