7 Interview Mistakes That Scare Away Top Talent

Via Business 2 Community: Employers may think they hold all the cards when it comes to interviewing job candidates, but they too can do things that will scare off would-be workers. That may not matter if it’s a low-level position the company is seeking to fill, but if its top talent the company is after, then interviewersContinue reading “7 Interview Mistakes That Scare Away Top Talent”

6 Interview Questions To Make Any Employer Want to Hire You

We often focus on interview questions from the standpoint of the interviewer. This blog post from Ragan’s PR Daily finds some interesting questions for candidates to ask that can help them get the job. Via Ragan’s PR Daily: Common advice among job seekers is that when you attend an interview, you need to interview the employerContinue reading “6 Interview Questions To Make Any Employer Want to Hire You”

Three Useless, But Common, Interview Questions

Most common interview questions don’t get to the heart of the matter — knowing if the candidate is the right person for the job. The majority of standard interview questions actually discover little about a job seeker. Of course, all interview questions are the same question—why should we hire you? As for the candidate, they obviouslyContinue reading “Three Useless, But Common, Interview Questions”

Four Little Known Interview Tips to Get the Best Candidates

Resumes and cover letters may be a good start in the hiring process, but the behavioral interview can get to the heart of the matter! Four behavioral interview tips, to learn if you have the perfect candidate! Resumes and cover letters determine which candidates deserve a closer look; they show which ones are worth more ofContinue reading “Four Little Known Interview Tips to Get the Best Candidates”

Smart Interview Answers: “Why You Left Your Last Job?”

For job seekers, the interview is an indication of how well you carry yourself. Preparation is essential, to anticipate some of what will be asked in the interview by an employer or hiring manager. One fastest ways to wreck an otherwise smooth-running interview is being unnecessarily hung up on a simple question. This is notContinue reading “Smart Interview Answers: “Why You Left Your Last Job?””

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