More Than Free Labor: 5 Things to Know About Hiring Interns

Hiring interns can be great for a small business; they are cheap, ambitious and filled with youthful energy. They also can be a labor law nightmare!

Five things to know about hiring interns–paid or unpaid.

Hiring Interns
Photo: Sean MacEntee

Hiring interns can be a significant labor resource for small business; they are cheap, motivated and can bring a fresh, youthful perspective to a company.

What is the best thing about hiring interns?  Some of them even work free! Unpaid interns can be a place where some employment problems arise.

Employers have to be extremely careful with hiring unpaid interns. This has been an increasing amount of attention to unpaid interns since the U.S. Department of Labor and some states are beginning to crack down on hiring and pay abuses.

States like Oregon, California, and New York are beginning to cast a more critical eye on unpaid interns, following up with aggressive enforcement.

What is the best way to make sure your internship program (paid or unpaid) conforms to labor laws? Five things you need to know:

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New Calif. Employment Laws We All Should Know About

New California employment laws may soon affect us all...

The California State Legislature was remarkably active in 2012, either modifying various employment laws or adding new laws in a variety of areas, including hourly wage, anti-discrimination and social media policies.

Since California is a bellwether for trends affecting the entire country, every human resources professional should be aware of these changes. They may be widespread sooner than later.

It is recommended that employers review these changes, making sure their policies and compliance practices are updated before the beginning of 2013. Many of these go into effect on January 1.

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Workday shares up 73% in IPO


SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) – Shares Workday Inc.  soared Friday as the enterprise software company began trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The stock was trading up 73 % to $48.50 after pricing at $28 a share, above its proposed range of $24 to $26.

The Pleasanton, Calif.-based company’s initial public offering initially set a price range of $21-$24. Workday provides cloud-based software used by businesses to manage employee data and processes.

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Workday soars as IPO rides cloud trend