More Than Free Labor: 5 Things to Know About Hiring Interns

Hiring interns can be great for a small business; they are cheap, ambitious and filled with youthful energy. They also can be a labor law nightmare! Five things to know about hiring interns–paid or unpaid. Hiring interns can be a significant labor resource for small business; they are cheap, motivated and can bring a fresh, youthful perspectiveContinue reading “More Than Free Labor: 5 Things to Know About Hiring Interns”

Top Ten: Legal Tips for Hospitality HR

In this litigious society, the hospitality industry—perhaps more than any other segment—has been the subject of numerous lawsuits, both frivolous and legitimate. For small business owners and HR professionals, changes in the legal landscape mean that you need constant vigilance to protect your company and stay out of court. Although nothing can replace formal legalContinue reading “Top Ten: Legal Tips for Hospitality HR”

Social Media Compliance: Tough But Necessary

Is social media in the workplace a good idea? Can it even be controlled? Social media—like Facebook and Twitter—is perfect for keeping in touch with old friends and sharing details of daily life. It certainly helps people stay connected with friends, relatives and customers. However, expressing personal opinions online may become an example of TMI—tooContinue reading “Social Media Compliance: Tough But Necessary”

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