More Than Free Labor: 5 Things to Know About Hiring Interns

Hiring interns can be great for a small business; they are cheap, ambitious and filled with youthful energy. They also can be a labor law nightmare!

Five things to know about hiring interns–paid or unpaid.

Hiring Interns
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Hiring interns can be a significant labor resource for small business; they are cheap, motivated and can bring a fresh, youthful perspective to a company.

What is the best thing about hiring interns?  Some of them even work free! Unpaid interns can be a place where some employment problems arise.

Employers have to be extremely careful with hiring unpaid interns. This has been an increasing amount of attention to unpaid interns since the U.S. Department of Labor and some states are beginning to crack down on hiring and pay abuses.

States like Oregon, California, and New York are beginning to cast a more critical eye on unpaid interns, following up with aggressive enforcement.

What is the best way to make sure your internship program (paid or unpaid) conforms to labor laws? Five things you need to know:

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Top Ten: Legal Tips for Hospitality HR

In this litigious society, the hospitality industry—perhaps more than any other segment—has been the subject of numerous lawsuits, both frivolous and legitimate.

Hospitality HRNewsFor small business owners and HR professionals, changes in the legal landscape mean that you need constant vigilance to protect your company and stay out of court.

Although nothing can replace formal legal advice from a qualified attorney, here are some suggestions for hospitality HR, so your company can keep on the right side of the law:   Continue reading “Top Ten: Legal Tips for Hospitality HR”

Top Ten: Mature Workforce More Valued

Adecco Survey: Top 10 Jobs for Mature Workers for National Employ Older Workers Week

Top Ten Jobs For Mature WorkersThe number of job seekers over the age of 50 is rising, and both hiring managers and human resources departments are beginning to recognize the value mature workers can bring to a company.

According to a new study by Adecco Staffing, hiring managers are much more likely–3 times as much–to hire a mature worker (60 percent) than a Millennial, someone born after the mid-1980s (20 percent).

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Help Wanted: Five Hottest Careers

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Looking for your next exciting opportunity on the job market? Or do you simply want to make a mid-career change?

The most effective job search strategy starts with knowing what jobs are available, and adapting your skills to suit the marketplace.

The good news is—there are lots of great jobs out there; including occupations in some of the fastest growing U.S. industries. To get the best pay, some of these jobs involve higher education; others require no more than a high-school degree, as well as a great attitude, to get on the fast-track to success.

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