Hiring Process Stuck In The Past? 5 Questions to Move it to the Future!

5 Questions to Move Your Hiring Process to the Future! In the search for new talent, the hiring process in most companies is wedged firmly in the past. For most companies, the hiring process is about yesterday—training and experience—as a way to establish a good fit. They have a problem, and they think someone withContinue reading “Hiring Process Stuck In The Past? 5 Questions to Move it to the Future!”

Resume Fatally Flawed? How to Make It Clear!

By this time, you should know that typos and grammatical errors can be fatal to a resume. However, there is one flaw that is the most deadly of them all—the perfect resume killer! Rambling and unclear language. Compared language that is all over the place, the occasional typo, outdated technology references or even an unexplainedContinue reading “Resume Fatally Flawed? How to Make It Clear!”

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