Seven Things Never to Say at Work: Communication Skills

Words matter! At work, the words you use are like your calling card; communication is as much a part of your reputation as is your performance. Stay sharp with the seven things you should never say at work. What you say—and how you say it—matters in both your business and personal lives. No matter how “causal”Continue reading “Seven Things Never to Say at Work: Communication Skills”

Management Coaching Skills: 3 Ways to Get the Best!

Management coaching is always a challenge, and the most successful managers know it. Few will argue that an excellent manager is also a good coach; they understand and work with employee strengths, as well as support team members to shore up weaknesses. Management coaching builds teams and fosters respect, as well as a sense ofContinue reading “Management Coaching Skills: 3 Ways to Get the Best!”

Tips for Hiring the Wrong Person Every Time, Guaranteed!

There will always be poor candidates applying for any given job. Of that, you can be sure. Why are you hiring them every single time? Bad candidates are in any given applicant pool, and their shortcomings are not immediately obvious. However, hiring them does not have to be a forgone conclusion! Even in today’s interconnected andContinue reading “Tips for Hiring the Wrong Person Every Time, Guaranteed!”

Still Unemployed? Close Your Skills Gap to Get the Job!

Are you looking for the right job for this economy? You may be part of the widening “skills gap” in the U.S. To find the right job quickly, you need to get up to speed! Develop the appropriate abilities employers require, starting with the information in this infographic. In a recent survey of hiring managersContinue reading “Still Unemployed? Close Your Skills Gap to Get the Job!”

Resume Fatally Flawed? How to Make It Clear!

By this time, you should know that typos and grammatical errors can be fatal to a resume. However, there is one flaw that is the most deadly of them all—the perfect resume killer! Rambling and unclear language. Compared language that is all over the place, the occasional typo, outdated technology references or even an unexplainedContinue reading “Resume Fatally Flawed? How to Make It Clear!”

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