Seven Qualities of Great Small Business Employees

What does it take to be a great small business employee? Seven qualities that will make next your next hire a superstar! In a small business, it is rare to get a second chance to make a strong first impression. The same is true for hiring a small business employee. Hiring the wrong person isContinue reading “Seven Qualities of Great Small Business Employees”

Nine Ways to Eliminate Hiring Bias

Hiring bias can negatively affect a company at every level, from senior management on down. When recruiters use emotion in a hiring decision rather than objective facts, it could lead to accusations of hiring bias. Using “your gut” to select a candidate is simply not the way to get the right talent. Like cancer, hiringContinue reading “Nine Ways to Eliminate Hiring Bias”

Resume Fatally Flawed? How to Make It Clear!

By this time, you should know that typos and grammatical errors can be fatal to a resume. However, there is one flaw that is the most deadly of them all—the perfect resume killer! Rambling and unclear language. Compared language that is all over the place, the occasional typo, outdated technology references or even an unexplainedContinue reading “Resume Fatally Flawed? How to Make It Clear!”

Is It My Job to Fire Employees?

Is it HR’s job to fire employees? In most companies, the role of Human Resources staff is painted with a broad brush. Often, HR is tasked with the jobs that managers are reluctant to do—things like discipline, hiring and firing. Many of these responsibilities belong to management, and rightly so. That is not to sayContinue reading “Is It My Job to Fire Employees?”

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