Is Retail Facing a Digital Talent Hiring Problem?

Is digital talent hiring becoming a problem for the retail and fashion industries? Via According to search firm 24 Seven Inc., one in four digital jobs in the fashion and retail industry have been left unfilled for five years or more, reflecting the challenges of recruiting, retaining and hiring digital talent. “It’s a very disruptiveContinue reading “Is Retail Facing a Digital Talent Hiring Problem?”

How to Give Your Resume a Social Media Punch

Does your resume have a social media “punch?” Few people will argue that social media has an impact in our lives—Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have given us new ways to connect. LinkedIn offers an easy professional network that can be both independent and authentic. The one thing to say about social media: the business worldContinue reading “How to Give Your Resume a Social Media Punch”

You Won’t Believe Who is Tops in Social Media Recruiting!

Northrop Grumman and Taco Bell Rank as Best Performing  Companies for Social Media Recruiting The best employers in America for social media recruiting are—Northrop Grumman and Taco Bell—according to a new survey designed to measure the effectiveness of online hiring. The Social Recruitment Monitor is what global branding agency Maximum Employment Marketing Group used toContinue reading “You Won’t Believe Who is Tops in Social Media Recruiting!”

Social Media Recruitment — 12 Reasons Why It Is Worth Your Time

Today, social media not only affects the majority of our personal lives, but also transforms ways to conduct business. Now the age-old problem of finding new talent has changed. It is been brought into a new, exciting time through social media recruitment. Every business, no matter what size, can benefit from social media recruitment. ItContinue reading “Social Media Recruitment — 12 Reasons Why It Is Worth Your Time”

Six Tips for Hiring Summer Help: Plan, Plan and Plan Some More!

With the warmer months approaching in the U.S., many businesses are starting to ramp up by hiring summer help. Even in the best circumstances, recruiting temporary help can be a challenge. The difficulties in locating the right short-term employees are why many business owners view temporary help as a waste of time. Making hiring summerContinue reading “Six Tips for Hiring Summer Help: Plan, Plan and Plan Some More!”

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