Is Retail Facing a Digital Talent Hiring Problem?

Is digital talent hiring becoming a problem for the retail and fashion industries?


Digital Talent Hiring

According to search firm 24 Seven Inc., one in four digital jobs in the fashion and retail industry have been left unfilled for five years or more, reflecting the challenges of recruiting, retaining and hiring digital talent.

“It’s a very disruptive time in the industry, and the competition for digital talent isn’t just between retailers and fashion companies,” Celeste Gudas, president of 24 Seven, told Women’s Wear Daily.

“It’s with Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, pockets in other cities, Google and eBay, just to name a few. It’s not just that the competition is fierce, but in today’s market, everything is transparent. Retail and fashion companies really need to get a hold of talent management.”

Ms. Gudas’ comments came as 24 Seven’s 2013 Salary and Job Market Report found that 89 percent of digital talent say they’re open to making a career move within the next year. Salary tops the list of reasons to move with 72 percent of digital talent citing higher base salaries among their top reasons to change jobs, followed by better growth potential (51 percent), improved quality of life (34 percent) and better advancement opportunities (33 percent).

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoThe 24 Seven report indicated that one issue is that the retail industry continues to offer traditional benefit packages (i.e., medical, dental, discounted merchandise, life insurance and 401k plans), but life balance benefits dominate the priorities for digital workers. Digital talent’s most desired benefits include: medical (76 percent); summer hours/comp days (33 percent); flex time/telecommuting (26 percent); 401k with match (17 percent); international travel (8 percent).

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How to Give Your Resume a Social Media Punch

Does your resume have a social media “punch?”

Resume with a social media punchFew people will argue that social media has an impact in our lives—Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have given us new ways to connect. LinkedIn offers an easy professional network that can be both independent and authentic.

The one thing to say about social media: the business world has certainly embraced it with a passion. With the ability to create “buzz,” social media has become the go-to stage for things like low-cost advertising, lead generation and connecting with consumers.

Perhaps the place where social media has had the biggest influence is talent management. Job searches, recruitment and candidate administration are all essentially social structures—a two way street custom-made for social media. Hiring has never been a one-sided proposition.

Your resume is no longer just on paper, it’s also online. Companies are just as likely to examine social media to learn about you.

In today’s job market, the questions persist: Do resumes have the social media “punch” to make it in the most competitive market in years.

Increasing interconnectivity means both candidates and employers can rely more on cross-functioning groups to make a hiring decision. This means casting a wider social “net” to increase your visibility to the right people.

Three tips to how to make your resume with a social media punch:

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You Won’t Believe Who is Tops in Social Media Recruiting!

Northrop Grumman and Taco Bell Rank as Best Performing  Companies for Social Media Recruiting

Taco Bell Best In social Media Recruiting

The best employers in America for social media recruiting are—Northrop Grumman and Taco Bell—according to a new survey designed to measure the effectiveness of online hiring.

The Social Recruitment Monitor is what global branding agency Maximum Employment Marketing Group used to monitor and measure the effectiveness of global social media recruiting. This first-of-its-kind metric is an online benchmark tool that studies social media recruiting objectively and fact-based.

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Social Media Recruitment — 12 Reasons Why It Is Worth Your Time

Today, social media not only affects the majority of our personal lives, but also transforms ways to conduct business.

Now the age-old problem of finding new talent has changed. It is been brought into a new, exciting time through social media recruitment.

Social Media RecruitmentEvery business, no matter what size, can benefit from social media recruitment.

It is something no business should avoid, especially if they want to appear in touch with today’s changing workplace.

A 2010 study by Jobvite reports 14 percent of companies will not use social media recruitment.

The reason?

They are not aware of how to start with social media; do not think they have the necessary resources; can’t do it effectively or see it as not worth their time. It could be that they have not seen what social media recruitment can do for them.

Twelve significant benefits social media recruitment can provide your business immediately:

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Six Tips for Hiring Summer Help: Plan, Plan and Plan Some More!

With the warmer months approaching in the U.S., many businesses are starting to ramp up by hiring summer help.

Hiring Summer Help: Know the Minimum Wage

Even in the best circumstances, recruiting temporary help can be a challenge. The difficulties in locating the right short-term employees are why many business owners view temporary help as a waste of time.

Making hiring summer help more challenging is that during tough economic times, a single summer job opening can generate hundreds of applicants. For busy business owners trying to make it through the summer, sifting through mountains of resumes is simply not an option.

Finding the right people for the summer does not have to be difficult. With a well-coordinated recruitment strategy, your business will not miss a beat when hiring seasonal help.

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