Small Business Gets Creative in Response to Obamacare

The closer Obamacare gets to full implementation, businesses get more creative in finding ways to wriggle out of it. The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, has many businesses scrambling to find ways to free themselves from the new regulations. As reported in an article by Sally Pipes for—U.S. Companies Engage In FinancialContinue reading “Small Business Gets Creative in Response to Obamacare”

Wasting Away: Non-Work Activities Cost Employers Billions in Lost Productivity [Infographic]

Employees are expensive, and when they spend time on non-work-related tasks, they are even more costly—to the tune of billions in lost productivity. Office workers spend hours online, and the business liability insurance company BOLT developed this infographic to show how much time American workers waste during an average workday. According to BOLT, employees that spend time on “non-workContinue reading “Wasting Away: Non-Work Activities Cost Employers Billions in Lost Productivity [Infographic]”

$750 a Year Wasted In Benefit Errors [Infographic]

THE COST OF EMPLOYEE HEALTH BENEFITS & EMPLOYEE HEALTH BENEFITS SELECTION Employee benefits and annual enrollment may not be the glamorous part of human resources, but they are essential to retaining employees.  Paycom has put together a great infographic representation below (or you can view here). Some of the statistics are surprising. The highlights: For thoseContinue reading “$750 a Year Wasted In Benefit Errors [Infographic]”

Oh Brother!: Fun With Conservatives

This post is taken from a Facebook exchange earlier today. The topic is Obama calling for ALL insurance providers to cover contraception—including faith based medical providers:

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