Are Paper Resumes Dead?

A few employers are signaling the paper resume is dead! They look at social media, Facebook and Klout scores. Some even go as far as asking for resumes through Twitter.

Klout instead of Resume?
Klout, Kred, Twitter and others may be the death of the paper resume.

Get ready for the moment you see a job post saying, “no paper resumes.” Companies will identify qualified candidates by social media influence on Klout and Twitter, using hashtags for job seekers to apply for jobs.

The paper resume is dying.

In the (very) near future, recruiters, human resources departments and hiring managers will use the Web for a candidate’s record of qualifications and social networks will be mass references.

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Wasting Away: Non-Work Activities Cost Employers Billions in Lost Productivity [Infographic]

Employees are expensive, and when they spend time on non-work-related tasks, they are even more costly—to the tune of billions in lost productivity.

Office workers spend hours online, and the business liability insurance company BOLT developed this infographic to show how much time American workers waste during an average workday.

According to BOLT, employees that spend time on “non-work tasks” cost their employers nearly $134 billion a year.

The largest time-wasters at work:

  • Browsing the Web
  • Communicating on social networks
  • Watching sports

Sports represent a large chunk of lost work time, where businesses lose nearly $1.1 billion a week in time spent on fantasy football teams.

According to the employees surveyed, online activities are not the only way to waste a workday.  Many “work-related” tasks are just as wasteful:

  • Attending ineffective meetings
  • Fixing others’ mistakes
  • Putting up with gabby co-workers.

According to BOLT, 43 percent of employees say they waste time having to settle warring sides in conflicts about office politics.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that almost half of workers (46 percent) say they use the time from 9 to 5 to search for another job. That could also be the basis for the popularity of LinkedIn.

Second only to Facebook, the professional networking site beats out Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Amazon as sites employees admit to surfing to during work hours.

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