Oh Brother!: Fun With Conservatives

This post is taken from a Facebook exchange earlier today.

This is what happen in the "free market."

The topic is Obama calling for ALL insurance providers to cover contraception—including faith based medical providers:

If churches want to be in the health insurance business, then they must play by the same rules.

In the conservative mind, giving women MORE reproductive rights is an infringement on THEIR rights (especially from leaders in the Catholic Church, an organization that seems to pick and choose which values and rights they advocate… What about rights of children sexually abused by priests?)

Where was the outrage when the last administration was sending our young people to war? It is funny that the church would choose THIS as a rallying cry…

Wait, it is the CONSERVATIVES that are raising that flag.

That prompted this response:

Phil (almost certainly accidentally) begs the real question: why are employers responsible for providing ANY healthcare/insurance? Look at the history of “fringe benefits” and you will find more leftist social engineering.

Oh, brother…

You are right… healthy workers have NOTHING to contribute to business, and are a drain on the poor, poor corporations. Therefore, you say that good health is a luxury, something that should be only for those who can afford it, certainly not for the poor. Let’s see what happens when YOU get sick.

Hey, while we are at it, let’s get rid of auto insurance… it is such a big waste (until you are in a head on collision).

Come to think of it, why are yellow lines in the street? They are a sign of the GOVERNMENT telling us what side of the road to drive!

If you were a good libertarian (like the Ron Paul-toids), you would eliminate street signs and road markings… let the FREE MARKET reign!

Listen carefully… some things are GOOD for the welfare of all, like road signs, stoplights, police and health insurance!

I pity the people who are so ideologically narrow that they cannot see that simple fact… and I’m looking at YOU!

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