A 21st Century Dilemma: Salary or Flexibility?

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With a new generation of workers born in the late 80′s and 90′s—Gen Y, or “Millennials“—entering an already crowded job market, they will be presented with some challenges unique to our age. As they make their way into the corporate world, they confront a decidedly 21st century problem.

Their predicament?

On the one side, there is the desire to get a high-paying job. The catch? Many of those premium jobs will put limits on employee’s private use of internet and social media.

On the other, they might take something more flexible—choosing to remain connected to their vast virtual networks—but with less pay. Sometimes, a lot less pay.

For Millennials, this is not a decision taken lightly.

Remember, Gen Y is a group born with a keyboard in their hands. Social media—Facebook, Twitter and an ever-rising number of imitators—have been an intricate part of their lives. For them, they cannot imagine a time without the constant connections with friends and family.

By even bringing up the subject, it becomes clear that social media is close to their hearts. Giving it up may be difficult, and could come with a hefty price.

The one deciding factor—how much money it takes to beat their internet habit.

A few thousand dollars more in income, but without freedom? Gen Y’ers just might opt for keeping their social media habits. Work at home, telecommuting and other creative workplace options may be worth the price.

However, too large of a pay cut—say, more than 20 percent of their salary otherwise—and Gen Y’ers may choose to give up Facebook addictions. If the price is too great—a large chunk less than what they would make without Twitter—and Millennials may be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.

However, some people—especially in the difficult job market—think a smartphone or tablet always at their side is simply not worth any price. They would rather earn as much as possible while at work, and avoid mixing business and leisure.

How much is it worth—to be flexible during work—and keep social media with YOU all day?

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