New Study: HR Professionals, Recruitment and Relocation

HR Professionals: Recruiting and Relocation Environment is Changing

From AlliedHR IQ:

According to the 2013 Allied Workforce Mobility Survey, HR professionals believe the hiring environment is improving compared to 2012 results.

HR Professional Unemployment Report

In addition, in light of the decision by Yahoo CEO Melissa Mayer to end its telecommuting policy, the 2013 Allied Workforce Mobility Survey revealed that telecommuting, while not universally implemented, is utilized in various ways:

Overall, telecommuting policies are weak regardless of company size, however, most feel their organizations provide “flexible working arrangements” that are stronger than their telecommuting policies alone.

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A 21st Century Dilemma: Salary or Flexibility?

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With a new generation of workers born in the late 80′s and 90′s—Gen Y, or “Millennials“—entering an already crowded job market, they will be presented with some challenges unique to our age. As they make their way into the corporate world, they confront a decidedly 21st century problem.

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