Small Business Balancing Act: Salary Vs. Perks [Infographic]

small-business-salary-compensation-infographicFor the small businesses owner, it is a constant balancing act between salary and other compensation.

Finding the happy medium is often the biggest challenge in running a company. What makes it even more difficult is that an average worker for a small business is often called on to wear many hats.

The result? The smaller the organization, the tougher the balancing act between pay and perks becomes.

Both salary and benefits require continual juggling to stay competitive, and the best entrepreneurs know how to settle somewhere in the middle.

The Business’ Big Balance Act: Small Business Salary and Compensation infographic show some of the ways a business owner can compare pay versus compensation (with some creative alternatives) to keep your small business employees happy.

This infographic was created by Bolt Insurance as a convenient way to visualize and keep in mind this information.

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