The Art of the Stay Interview

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Does your company perform stay interviews? If not, they may be missing a valuable resource; to learn how employees really feel — and perhaps discover the secret of profitability!

No one will dispute the importance of a good interview; it can be the core of a company’s recruitment strategy.

In fact, good hiring practices—highlighted by a strong interview process—can have an impact on the general health of an organization, including primary metrics such as employee engagement and low turnover rates.

It should be no surprise that happy workers are the heart of a successful company. The numbers prove it; companies with higher employee involvement are up to three times more profitable than those with less satisfied workers.

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Employee of the Month Reserved Parking Sign (Photo credits:

However, in most companies, once the employee is hired, the interview process is finished.

Interviews should have a role in every step of the employee cycle—from initial hiring to the exit interview.  More radical organizations are taking it one step further—with stay interviews.

What is a “stay interview?” They are a recurring dialogue with existing employees, as a way of keeping a tab on the concerns and ambitions of workers.

Companies that utilize the stay interview use them to take the pulse of the organization. Think of them as holding a mirror to see what you are doing right, or what (if anything) you can do to improve.

Like employment and exit interviews, a practical stay interview can provide a wealth of information, but only by asking the right questions.

Examples of the best topics for discussion in a stay interview are listed below. Use employee responses as a blueprint for ways to keep your workers happy and productive:

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