2013: Most Jobs Will Be Filled By Referrals

60 Percent of Jobs are Filled through Referrals, a number that will rise in 2013.

Silkroad Online
Silkroad Online (Photo credit: Oliver Schwarz)

It should come as no surprise to hiring manages and HR departments; referrals are the best method for bringing on the best talent.

The reason should be obvious; who would be best at promoting your company to others than happy and engaged employees?

As we approach 2013, referrals will become even more essential to the hiring process, especially as unemployment drops and the pool of quality job applicants shrinks.

This is no news flash, but social media can be seen as the heart of this surge of referrals. People are becoming more “social,” by enlarging networks and meeting more virtual “friends.”

Social media and technological advantages have made the world a smaller place, and that means it is easier to reach the candidates with the best qualifications and character.

In an article in blog.resumebear.com, the newest online hiring tools (including products by SilkRoad and Ovation Technologies) make acquiring referrals and recruitment through networks an essential tool to bringing on the newest talent:

That’s the latest feature from one of the leading automatic online job application software packages, SilkRoad Technology’s OpenHire. Thanks to a software update SilkRoad introduced last spring that is being adopted by many HR departments, once you’ve submitted your resume to a job site using…

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