Speed Dating Plus American Idol Equals a Brilliant Hiring Technique – Forbes

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From Amy Rees Anderson, Forbes Contributor

For years as a CEO, I absolutely hated the interviewing process for hiring. I felt that the entire hiring technique was inherently flawed.

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Micromanagement: Leadership Style or Pathology

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Micromanagement. The term screams negativity, but is the practice inherently pathological or a misunderstood approach to organizational leadership? For answers to this question,The High Calling asked three leadership experts to weigh in …

Micromanagement … is it a valid leadership style, or a sign that you work for a psychopath?

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The Dollars and Sense of Employee Engagement [Infographic]

the-dollars-and-sense-of-employee-engagement_5029165934e0dAs a human resources professional, are there any differences between a happy employee and an engaged employee?

According to this infographic published by Halogen Software, the answer is YES!

Not only are the two vastly different, but each can have a different effect on your business. Attitude is fine, and gives a certain level of value to the organization.

However, engagement is the true driving force for productivity—with measurable, bottom line results.

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When human resources departments establish proactive strategies to promote engagement—as opposed to simply making employees happy—it can have a real impact on production (up to $3 million, as in in the example put forth in the infographic).

Ways to develop an engaged workforce include: genuine attention to employee needs, encouragement to provide constructive input and high personal standards.

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