Workplace Fairness? Handling Pay for Employee Resignations

Do Voluntary Resignations Require Advance Notice?

Employee Resignations

As an employer, you are always under pressure to manage costs effectively.  Few companies willingly spend a penny more than necessary.

Controlling payroll costs make it imperative to know how to handle the times when an employee resigns. Some companies require two weeks’ notice of resignation, and you will pay them for the entire two weeks, even if the company lets the employee go prior to the two weeks.

It might be easier—and less costly— to pay for the full two-week notice period, when requesting an employee to give advance notice.

Can employees be required to provide two weeks’ notice of a resignation? What happens when releasing the employee prior to the conclusion of the two-week notice period?  Is the company obliged to pay the employee for the entire two weeks? What if it is only a request, but not required?

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