Hiring Process Stuck In The Past? 5 Questions to Move it to the Future!

5 Questions to Move Your Hiring Process to the Future!

In the search for new talent, the hiring process in most companies is wedged firmly in the past.

Is your hiring process stuck in the past?For most companies, the hiring process is about yesterday—training and experience—as a way to establish a good fit. They have a problem, and they think someone with a “good past” will solve an immediate need. This imprudence can be a problem.

No matter how “innovative” companies believe they are, in the hiring process, they become frighteningly shortsighted. They only concentrate on a narrow range of qualifications, as opposed to using the hiring process to look for people with the potential to grow into the job.

The hiring process in any company must include non-quantifiable traits. They should include potential, ability to learn and a capacity to contribute to the company’s business goals.

This change in attitude the hiring process out of the past, transforming it into what an employee will be in the future!  A good candidate is not as much about his or her past, but also what they can do in one, five or ten years from now.

Five questions to add to your hiring process. They will change how you look at past events into a view of the possibility for the future: Continue reading “Hiring Process Stuck In The Past? 5 Questions to Move it to the Future!”