Avoid the Ten Dumb Mistakes Hiring Managers Make

Are your hiring managers making any of these 10 dumb mistakes?

Top10ScreeningMistakesRecruitersHuman resources, hiring managers and recruiters are human. On occasion, they make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, right?

The ten most common dumb screening mistakes made by recruiters and hiring managers, as reported in this infographic by Resoomay.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seventy-nine percent of businesses say they have hired candidates who exaggerated or padded their CVs and résumés. Ignoring overqualified candidates can cause damage to a business, as there will rarely be a perfect match.
  • Too frequently, recruiters do not ask candidates the right questions during interviews. Most of them ask lightweight and meaningless questions instead, wasting both time of both the candidate and recruiter.
  • The interview increases the likelihood of finding the perfect candidate by only 2 percent, so it should not be the only part of recruitment.
  • Recruiters and hiring managers need a clear idea of the soft skills of a potential candidate prior to an interview; things like temperament or personality.
  • What is the problem with not checking references? One-quarter of all recruiters do not check references. That is probably their biggest mistake.
  • Effective communication between members of your hiring team is necessary to increase the success of your recruitment efforts.
  • Simply using the résumé to evaluate a candidate, because of deadlines or a lack of time, will increase turnover rates, replacement costs and cause the company more harm than good.
  • Job descriptions need to be defined, well written and discuss the job accurately. Vague job descriptions mean more job applicants. That means more unnecessary work for human resources. Recruiters need to be sure they sell the company to the candidate. They need them to be excited and eager for the opportunity to work for your company.

Finding a suitable employee can be a challenge, but human resources departments, hiring managers and recruiters can knock out the competition by avoiding these ten common hiring errors.

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