Five Things Every Human Resources Leader Should Know

Increasing hiring costs, turnover rates and competition for top talent, are forcing human resources departments to become more rigorous in recruitment and hiring.

They don’t have the luxury of hindsight.

Human Resources Metrics

Examining the current labor-market figures, makes one thing clear: human resources will always be fighting for the best, high-quality, high-performing candidates.

This leaves a number of unanswered questions for employers:

  • How many people can a company hire on their budget?
  • How can they provide the right people for the right roles?
  • How can they keep employees fully engaged, involved and motivated?
  • Who are our most valuable employees, how can we retain them and meet their expectations?

Turnover costs have always been a high-priority metric for employers. The price of a lousy hire is devastating to the bottom line, somewhere up to 1.5 times the employee’s salary. Continue reading “Five Things Every Human Resources Leader Should Know”