6 Reasons Why You Will Not Get A Promotion

Hard work and patience are necessary to get a promotion, but sometimes they are not enough.

Passed over one too many times on the job?  You might want to self-examine for the reasons why.

Chances for PromotionNo matter what we think, there are remarkably few promises in life.  A work promotion is no different.

Most workers want to move up in an organization: they need more power, move away from a tedious job or just get the keys to the executive washroom.

Advancement is usually a combination of hard work and perseverance. Unfortunately, there are times when it is not enough.

If after all your energy and effort, you still have not received a promotion, it might be time for a little self-assessment.

Six reasons you might not be getting that promotion you want:

You lack soft skills

You may have all the necessary qualifications to be a manager, but if no one enjoys interacting with you, you will never see to the next level.

Interaction at work is one of the best indications of whether someone is ready for promotion. It doesn’t mean you have to be a social butterfly, but the way you relate to co-workers, clients and customers will have a tremendous impact on your chances to move into management.

You don’t take criticism well

Most of us bristle at criticism, no matter how “constructive” it might be.  However, feedback (as well as the way you handle criticism) can be crucial to your chances for a promotion.

If you have the tendency to become defensive, or argumentative, when receiving feedback, do whatever it takes to be both positive and grateful. In fact, you should be darned happy someone takes enough interest in you to help.

Whether it is a formal review or a quick chat in the hall, your employer could be giving you the secret on how to move up in your career.

You think like an employee, not a manager

Organizations promote leaders, not employees. If you are simply giving the office eight hours of your time, they have little reason to expand your role. It is not about working longer, or even harder. Getting a promotion is about caring about what goes on in the company beyond your own work schedule.

You fail to take initiative

Every workplace needs a level of commitment to succeed. Promotions will come to those who prove themselves at the job. Management bases promotion on the ability to handle more responsibility. Initiative is the time to show you can handle the task.

You lack results

Do you have a way to quantify your productivity? Can you explain how you have improved? Results are more than the bare minimum. Track your performance and establish a pattern of providing results. It will show employers that you are promotable.

You expect the promotion

Expectation of advancement gives you zero chance of an actual promotion. Simply because you have staying power does not warrant to management that you are ready to move up. Promotions are not about how long you have tolerated a job. They are about what you bring to an organization—performance, contributions and results.


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