6 Reasons Why You Will Not Get A Promotion

Hard work and patience are necessary to get a promotion, but sometimes they are not enough. Passed over one too many times on the job?  You might want to self-examine for the reasons why. No matter what we think, there are remarkably few promises in life.  A work promotion is no different. Most workers wantContinue reading “6 Reasons Why You Will Not Get A Promotion”

Avoid the Ten Dumb Mistakes Hiring Managers Make

Are your hiring managers making any of these 10 dumb mistakes? Human resources, hiring managers and recruiters are human. On occasion, they make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, right? The ten most common dumb screening mistakes made by recruiters and hiring managers, as reported in this infographic by Resoomay. Key Takeaways: Seventy-nine percent of businesses say theyContinue reading “Avoid the Ten Dumb Mistakes Hiring Managers Make”

MindMap: How to Win Friends and Influence People

The ability to interact well with others is one of those necessary life skills for any outstanding employee or entrepreneur. Think about the importance of strong communication skills the next time you want something from co-workers or a boss. Imagine how much easier it would be handling customers by using your wits; getting them toContinue reading “MindMap: How to Win Friends and Influence People”

Expect Failure: Only Then You Can Win!

After an extended search for new opportunities, there is one thing you can expect; something guaranteed to happen at one time or another. You are going to FAIL! Either an employer will not call back, or will call back to say the job went to someone “more experienced” or “having more skills” to do theContinue reading “Expect Failure: Only Then You Can Win!”

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