Inside The Mind Of A Successful Manager [INFOGRAPHIC]

A successful manager is someone who is not only a positive leader in the workplace, but also someone who is compassionate, approachable, and very likable among their employees. Successful managers are hard workers who are dedicated to the success…

Still Unemployed? Close Your Skills Gap to Get the Job!

Are you looking for the right job for this economy? You may be part of the widening “skills gap” in the U.S. To find the right job quickly, you need to get up to speed! Develop the appropriate abilities employers require, starting with the information in this infographic. In a recent survey of hiring managersContinue reading “Still Unemployed? Close Your Skills Gap to Get the Job!”

Job Seekers! What Human Resources Learn About YOU!

In today’s job environment, job seekers have to hit the ground running. And human resources are always trying to stay one step ahead, to get to the truth about candidates. One of the first things a job seeker usually does will be to try to clean up their social networking profiles; they will be franticallyContinue reading “Job Seekers! What Human Resources Learn About YOU!”

Job Search Tip for 2013? Social Networking!

In 2013, you can be sure of one thing; getting a new job will start and ends with social media. Both job seekers and employers already take advantage of social networks; either through career sites, job boards or with cloud-based hiring tools like Ovation Technologies. Job seekers connect with employers to be “in the know”Continue reading “Job Search Tip for 2013? Social Networking!”

The Dollars and Sense of Employee Engagement [Infographic]

As a human resources professional, are there any differences between a happy employee and an engaged employee? According to this infographic published by Halogen Software, the answer is YES! Not only are the two vastly different, but each can have a different effect on your business. Attitude is fine, and gives a certain level ofContinue reading “The Dollars and Sense of Employee Engagement [Infographic]”

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