Most Effective Recruiting in 2012? [Infographic]

Most effective recruitment methods in 2012Which recruiting sources worked the best in 2012?

Has social media truly become a better way to find great talent?

A new hiring practices survey conducted by answers these questions and more.

The best resource for new employees is your existing workforce—a majority of hires were found through referrals. The leading job boards (like Monster) were also successful in recruitment.

Social media is a little less effective than traditional methods, but a strong online presence does positively affect a candidate’s chances of getting the job.

The infographic offers insight into recruiting sources, trends in researching candidates on online, including social media, and recruiting challenges human resources professionals.

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How Not to Write Resumes, Job Descriptions [Infographic]

How NOT to write a resume, job description

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but for job searchers, hiring managers and human resources departments, words can count quite a bit more!

In crafting the tools for a competitive job market—for employers and job seekers—both what you say and how you say it are essential to making an impact.

Like marketing copy, the best resumes states a case clearly and plainly—compelling the reader with powerful calls to action (that is, giving YOU the job!)

The perfect resume or job descriptions can increase your brand, putting in front of hundreds more decision makers, with a better chance to get the job (or get the right hire if you are an employer).

Writing copy—resumes, job descriptions or other types of marketing copy—can be challenging to get right. But there is hope!

There some basic rules; follow them, and you can make recruitment simpler (and job search much shorter).  One of the best is this—the best resumes avoid jargon!

Adding buzzwords (that few truly understand) in job descriptions or resumes—unlike keywords—will turn off readers more than turn them on.

In resumes and job ads, spelling errors should also be avoided at any cost; it screams unprofessional and a lack of attention to detail. Job seekers–don’t rely on spell check! There will be times “form” (the right spelling of the wrong word) can pass by the computer, when you meant to say “from.” produced this infographic—with useful tips for both employers and job seekers.

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